Take a Leisurely Stroll Along the Mineral Springs Walking Trail

For more than 100 years, people from across the State of Georgia have been visiting natural mineral springs and natural springs in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia for their believed healing properties. When visiting the Blue Ridge area in Fannin County, consider taking a relaxing stroll along the peaceful Mineral Springs Walking Trail that features a running creek, a charming bridge, a variety of plants and trees, a quaint park for picnics, and occasional bubbling springs.

As a designated Trail Town by the Benton MacKaye Trail Association, Blue Ridge is within reach of famous trails for avid hikers like the Appalachian Trail and Benton MacKaye Trail plus miles of trails in nearby North Georgia state parks. Quaint and family friendly, the Mineral Springs Trail is a great option for those who prefer a short walk close to town versus lengthier hiking trails deep in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. 

History of Mineral Springs in Blue Ridge

Adding to tourism in the historic town of Blue Ridge, GA, Reverend Joel Butts found 3 mineral springs in 1905. After they were cleaned up, the mineral water was analyzed and found to have traces of iron, magnesium, and sulfur. With the believed ability to relieve skin conditions, heal topical and internal ailments, and enhance beauty by drinking or washing in the mineral-rich water, people flocked to the mineral springs of Fannin County. 

Today, the original Blue Ridge mineral springs from the 19th and 20th centuries have dried up, and the old gazebo is no longer standing. But you can still see new mineral springs bubbling up on occasion in this area. Plus, Mineral Springs Creek runs alongside the Mineral Springs Walking Trail — created and opened in 2015 thanks to a land donation by Jane and Bill Whaley. 

Special Note: The Mineral Springs Nature Trail was designed by Dr. Walter Cook, Professor Emeritus of the University of Georgia, and funded by The Georiga Department of Natural Resources National Recreational Trails Grant Program

Mineral Springs Nature Trail & Park Experience

Arriving at the trailhead of the Mineral Springs Walking Trail, you’ll find a gravel parking area before stepping into a couple of wooded acres. Starting the flat, dirt-and-gravel path, you can admire the treetops, the sounds of fluttering birds, and wandering wildlife. Along the way, you’ll find a small park with a picnic area, a nice place to unwind with a meal or snack in the fresh mountain air. 

Babbling through the forest is Mineral Springs Creek, where you can watch the water flow and end the trail crossing a wooden bridge — a top spot to pause and snap a few pics! You can read educational signs with a trail map and look out for plant and tree markers to learn more about the flora along the Mineral Springs Trail. Benches and a carved stump offer places to sit on your mini adventure with your partner, family, or friends. 

Although this is a relatively small park, the Mineral Springs Nature Trail offers a good chance for hikers to witness a new spring that’s popped up from the ground! You’ll know when you’ve spotted one by its oil-slick appearance with a rainbow-like sheen, caused by the bountiful minerals in the water. 

Trail Tips at Mineral Springs Park

  1. Look but do not touch any of the plants or trees in the park — poison ivy is known to grow in these parts. 
  2. Never leave the trail — the surrounding woods are quite fragile and prone to injury from too much disturbance.
  3. Bring out what you take along the trail — and feel free to help clean up from previous hikers along the path. 
  4. Walk along the nature trail only — bicycles, ATVs, motorcycles, or other vehicles are not allowed.
  5. Watch out for private property and buildings not part of the park — as this trail is nestled near downtown Blue Ridge.

FAQ — Mineral Springs Walking Trail

How long is the Mineral Springs Walking Trail?
At 0.5 miles roundtrip, it takes just under 10 minutes to complete the Mineral Springs Nature Trail at a good pace. Though, we recommend taking your time and enjoying the scenery and peace of the North Georgia Mountains. It’s an easy route to stretch your legs after playing, shopping, wining, and dining in downtown Blue Ridge. 

What’s the elevation of the Mineral Springs Walking Trail?
With little elevation gain — reaching 6 feet in elevation along this short path through the woods — the Mineral Springs Walking Trail is wonderful for a quick stroll without causing an aching back.

What animals can you expect to see on the Mineral Springs Walking Trail?
Keep an eye out for fish, birds, and small Appalachian critters, including raccoons, turkeys, and foxes. Though not typically spotted so close to town, it’s important to watch out for deer and black bears. 

Is the Mineral Springs Walking Trail kid friendly?
Absolutely! Just let the kiddos know to stay on the scenic trail and not touch any plants — as with any walking tour through nature. Pro tip: make sure everyone uses the bathroom before you go as there are no restrooms on site.

Is this Mineral Springs Walking Trail pet friendly? 
Yes, dogs are welcome on a leash! Please remember to clean up after your pet as well; doggie bags are provided as well. 

Is the Mineral Springs Walking Trail FREE? What about parking?
Yep! There’s no charge to explore the Mineral Springs Nature Trail & Park. Parking is also free and can be found off Industrial Boulevard from Church Street (leading from downtown Blue Ridge). Before starting the interpretive nature trail, you’ll come across a gravel parking lot at the trailhead. The trail ends at Circle Drive.

Where is the trailhead for the Mineral Springs Walking Trail?
You’ll find the Mineral Springs Walking Trail just minutes from downtown Blue Ridge — off Mineral Springs Road, which turns into Industrial Boulevard. 

Coordinates: 34.855831345, -84.3219998799

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