Georgia CFY Rewards

Members Always Save

Become a CFY Rewards member today — and get access to year-round savings for vacations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Sign up for just $14.99/mo and start earning exclusive rewards — including FREE nights, special member pricing, and lower pet fees. Plus, be the first to access limited-time offers, surprise giveaways, and more! After all, family comes first.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently can I access member perks and pricing when booking?
Every. Single. Time! And there are NO blackout dates.

How much does membership cost?
12 payments of $14.99/mo

How do I become a CFY Rewards member?
Call 1.800.580.5524 to speak with a member specialist and sign up for rewards.

What’s the catch?
None. If you like premium perks and super savings on vacations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia plus our sister markets — including the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and the Emerald Coast of Florida and Alabama — then CFY Rewards is for YOU!

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes; however, your membership must be paid in full to complete the cancellation.