Swimming Holes in Georgia — Waterfall Pools & Natural Springs

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Swimming in a natural spring surrounded by enchanting forest or a pool beneath a cascading waterfall in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia is quite spectacular. Outdoor adventures abound in the Chattahoochee National Forest and Georgia state parks, but there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in nature, especially on a hot summer day in the South! While there are many swimming holes in the State of Georgia, we’ve narrowed down the best spots to swim to help plan your experience like a native Georgian. 

Best Natural Pools & Springs in North Georgia

Imagine hiking to a dazzling waterfall and splashing with family or friends in the plunge pool or finding a hidden natural spring in Georgia to dip your toes on a particularly warm afternoon. Knowing where you can swim is the first step to making splashy memories surrounded by natural beauty in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so check out our guide for the best swimming holes in North Georgia!

What is a natural spring? In a nutshell, natural springs occur when groundwater is forced to rise to the earth’s surface by water pressure. Often, spring water passes through various minerals along the way as well. 

Amicalola Falls | Dawsonville, GA
A popular swimming hole along the dog-friendly Amicalola River Trail can be found further down from Amicalola Falls. Plus, the gargantuan rocks make great sunbathing spots. And you can enjoy a picnic or slide down rocks where the water shoals.

Blue Hole Spring | Lafayette, GA
Within Walker County in the Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area, you’ll find Blue Hole — a natural spring-fed pool with crystal-clear blue water all the way to the bottom! After a dip in the gorgeous spring water, you can hike to Ellison’s Cave. 

Dukes Creek Falls | Helen, GA
If you’re looking for the best pet-friendly swimming hole in North Georgia, Dukes Creek is a local fav! Just before the waterfall, there’s a place to swim and splash in the shallow water. And the Dukes Creek Falls Trail is only about 2 miles roundtrip, which makes it a great family spot, too.

Helton Creek Falls | Blairsville, GA
A gentle slope pours Helton Creek Falls into a delightful pool, where you can swim, wade, and paddle in the sun or shade. Sometimes, people even bring yoga mats to coast down the boulders nestled in the lower falls — weee! 

Tallulah Gorge | Tallulah Falls, GA
After grabbing a free permit at the local park office, head into the Tallulah Gorge State Park to reach your natural swimming destination — the Tallulah Gorge. Here, you’ll find a natural waterslide that descends into a deep, turquoise pool that’s worth the hike. 

Healing Springs in South Georgia

While the best swimming holes are in North Georgia, there are a few mineral springs worth a day trip to Middle Georgia or South Georgia. And though you can’t currently swim in these southern natural springs in Georgia, they are beautiful to behold. Not to mention, a few are considered hot springs! 

Indian Springs | Flovilla, GA 
Inside Indian Springs State Park, you’ll find Indian Springs, known for its healing mineral waters since the native Creek people discovered it long ago. While you can’t go for a swim, you can drink a sample of the spring water inside the stone Spring House. 

Radium Springs | Albany, GA
As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia, Radium Springs is the largest natural spring in the state. Pumping 70,000 gallons of stunningly clear water per minute from an underground cave, eventually flowing into the Flint River, Radium Springs Gardens flourishes, creating a beautiful landscape to explore. 

Warm Springs | Warm Springs, GA
Healing waters await at this natural hot spring in Georgia’s Meriwether County. Made famous by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to relieve polio symptoms, Warm Springs is a must-see. Even though you can’t swim at this historic site, there’s a project to restore the Roosevelt Pools for public use! 

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