Blue Ridge Ghost Tours & Spine-Tingling Haunts in North Georgia

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BOO! Did we get you? If we did…maybe you should sit this one out, go to a local brewery, or ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway instead. If not, perhaps you’d prefer a real scare in downtown Blue Ridge with Haunted Blue Ridge Ghost Tours. Can’t get enough chills and thrills on a ghost tour? Consider planning your own paranormal investigation at some of the most haunted places in North Georgia. From historic Cherokee legends and classic ghoul-ridden mansions to locals dabbling in witchcraft and cemeteries from the 1800s, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia deliver in horrifyingly harrowing hauntings! Read on…if you dare.

Haunted Blue Ridge Ghost Tours 

Take an evening stroll on the streets of downtown Blue Ridge in Fannin County as spirited tour guides tell the tales of local haunts and Appalachian stories that will make your hair stand up! Along with the many old buildings and scary ghost stories, a few favorite stops are worth mentioning.

  • Police Station — a first stop that beckons the jeepers and creepers!
  • Doss House — find out who Frankie is and why he remains…
  • Granny Blackstock’s Place — an unsavory history gives rise to horrific hauntings
  • Crawford House — spirits of children wander these tragic grounds
  • Former Courthouse — the most haunted spot downtown…you’ve been warned!

Pro tip: check the weather and dress appropriately. Bring EMF readers, EVP devices, cameras, etc. — just don’t film the walking tour. 

Tickets & Tour Details

Length: 1 mile at 75-90 minutes; rest stops along the way

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!

Cost: $22.50/person (ages 15+); group discounts & private tours available

Meeting Location: the corner of Church Street & East Main Street


Halloween Haunted Tours — Hear Stories from “Live” Ghosts!

Meet the “phantoms” on this special Halloween ghost tour in Blue Ridge and hear their woeful stories face to face. This spooky outing with Haunted Blue Ridge Ghost Tours is held every Friday in October at $45/person. 

Top 5 Haunted Places in North Georgia

Want to plan an extended tour and explore North Georgia after dark? Lurking around these parts are some of the most haunted places in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Filled with history, the Southern Appalachians welcome ghost hunters to haul laser grids, EMF readers, recorders, spirit boxes, cameras, and other ghoul-finding equipment to help collect evidence of the supernatural. And we have a list of some of the best haunts in North Georgia to get you started! 

Psst…just remember to get permission before visiting any haunted places, eh? Let’s respect the living as well as the dead.

Tilley Bend Cemetery — Blue Ridge 

It is said that 2 daughters of a Creek witch doctor, Elizabeth Bradley, married into feuding families: the Tilleys and Stanleys. Continued squabbling led to a shootout at Tilley Bend Church, where many Tilleys were killed — including one of Elizabeth’s daughters. The Tilleys retaliated by killing several Stanleys, widowing the second daughter who died in childbirth soon after. 

Enraged and heartbroken, Elizabeth cast a curse on the Tilleys and Stanleys. Both families suffered many stillborn babies thereafter, which is unsettling, to say the least. After a year of enduring infant mortalities, Elizabeth was hung by the Tilleys in the church graveyard…swearing she would return for revenge until her last breath. 

Her west-facing burial allegedly marks a witch’s grave, as opposed to east-facing Christian burials. Now affectionately known as The Witch of Blue Ridge, Elizabeth can be seen wandering the grounds or hanging from a tree. Some people have also claimed to hear babies crying in the night, see floating orbs, jolt at jarring female screams, and feel pulling sensations on their legs. 

Stonepile Gap — Dahlonega 

Cherokee Trahlyta was told of a natural spring that would allow her to remain young and beautiful by the Witch of Cedar Mountain. As news spread of her growing beauty, warriors from across the land sought her hand in marriage. After refusing Wahsega, a particularly pushy suitor, she was kidnapped and taken far away. 

Parted from the spring and her loved ones, she slowly faded away, making a final request to be buried in her homeland. Her dying desire was to bestow good fortune and favor on others. If you’re passing by, you only need to place a stone on her grave and make a wish to the Spirit of Eternal Youth and Happiness.

Her ghostly figure with pale white cloth and long black hair has been spotted along the roads around her gravesite and Cedar Mountain in Dahlonega, GA. Some versions of this fable even say she cried tears of gold…which may help identify her spirit if you see a full-bodied apparition. Long story short, if you plan to visit Stonepile Gap, bring a stone.

Chastain House — Blue Ridge

Acquiring land from Cherokee forced on the Trail of Tears in the 1840s, the Chastains were the first outsiders to settle in the area — where a family house would eventually be rebuilt in the 1850s. It sheltered Civil War soldiers, functioned as a school, and was even a makeshift funeral parlor over the decades. There have been many tragic deaths inside the home, and you can find these souls buried in the family cemetery on the grounds. 

In 2007, local Judge Robert Sneed bought the Chastain House to flip into a bed-and-breakfast. But to his dismay, construction workers began to report unexplained footsteps, tools disappearing, and items moving around the house. The activity was so frequent and unrelenting that everyone hired to work on the home left, vowing never to return…

It was then Southern Appalachian Ghost Hunters were called in to investigate. Having collected no evidence of a haunting, the team became skeptical at the end of the hunt, urging the spirits to make their presence known. Suddenly, a screeching wale reverberated throughout the entire house, disturbingly described as the sound of “a woman being murdered.” Since then, the team has been back to record EVPs with intelligent responses, as well as witness footsteps, laughter, and more hair-raising screams.

Amicalola Falls State Park — Dawsonville 

Known as a site for Cherokee prayer, Amicalola Mountain is said to harbor the spirits of natives who would guide their kin from the afterlife. Whether you’re passing by, visiting Amicalola Falls, or stopping at the lodge, be warned the shades who remain do not like negative energy. Indeed, one reported haunting was of a disembodied hand throwing a frying pan at a couple who were arguing.

Another account tells of a husband and wife who fled the lodge in full panic when a tall man in full Native American garb appeared behind the husband in the bathroom. He ran out screaming and grabbed his wife urgently as they darted for the door! Staff at the lodge have also reported messes reappearing, items found in unusual places, and a service elevator that opens and closes without warning…as if someone or something is getting on and off.

If you decide to visit Amicalola Mountain, its cascading North Georgia waterfalls, or the lodge in Dawsonville, GA, just remember to be cool and shake off the bad vibes before you get there…or else. 

Nacoochee Indian Mound — Sautee Nacoochee

A burial mound for natives of a South Appalachian Mississippi culture between 1350 and 1600, the Nacoochee Indian Mound contains at least 75 known human remains and artifacts. The mound used to be 16 feet tall…until Captain James H. Nichols removed a few feet and added a gazebo on top in the late 1800s. 

That being said, it’s not clear if the captain actually knew this was a burial mound. It’s more likely he just liked the view from atop this “hill.” And to be fair, it was not uncommon for mounds to be completely leveled at the time, so in a way, treating it like a beautiful overlook actually saved this piece of history. But what legend lies around this native mound that has everyone a little spooked?

Locals say it’s the tragic love story of Sautee and Nacoochee, lovers from warring tribes. When they ran away to Yonah Mountain to be together, the chief and father of Nacoochee threw Sautee from the peak…only to watch his daughter jump after him. As they embraced one last time, the chief realized his mistake and had them buried together in the mound. Whether this story is fact or fiction, the spirits of this native burial mound prefer to be left undisturbed. 

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