Sky Entertainment at the Hot Air Balloon Race & Festival in Helen, GA

Hot Air Balloon Race

Look to the skies as colorful and playful designs ascend like floating candies across the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains — a beautiful sight indeed at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Helen, Georgia, sponsored by HEAD Balloons! Kicking off the only long-distance hot air balloon race in the country and the oldest balloon event in the South is the mass ascension of 20+ hot air balloons at the Wilkin’s Property.

Held in June, the Annual Helen to the Atlantic Balloon Race & Festival is a family-friendly summer event in the Alpine Village of Helen in the North Georgia Mountains (about 2 hours from Atlanta). Notably, this hot air balloon festival has been around since 1974 — more than 50 years! Festivities include participation in balloon inflations and ground chasing plus tethered hot air balloon rides in the mornings and evenings. During the day, you can explore the Bavarian-inspired mountain town of Helen and relax at your cabin rental at nightfall.

Helen to the Atlantic Balloon Race

The Helen to the Atlantic Balloon Race — affectionately called a journey to “the edge of the Earth” by Pete Hodkinson (creator of the first race) — is a fierce competition for professional balloonists. Starting at 7:00 a.m. (weather permitting), hot air balloons begin to lift off into the sky from the launch field. Their goal? To cross the finish line — anywhere between Maine and Miami on I-95 — or to be the farthest ahead at sunset on the last day of the hot air balloon festival!

On average, the race takes about 2 days, with the shortest completion on record at 1 day and the longest at 4 days. The shortest distance it could take to complete the race is roughly 225 miles. To find out who’s in the lead, simply reach out to the Balloon Race Headquarters for an update with organizers or check out the Helen to the Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Race Facebook page.

Ballooning | A Unique Sport

Ballooning is an interesting sport that requires great skill and coordination between pilot and ground crew. Hot air balloons depend heavily on the speed and direction of the winds, and it’s up to the pilot to navigate vertically to find the best spot to sail to their destination. 

Not to mention, racing hot air balloons can only carry enough fuel to last around 4 hours, which is about 40 gallons. This means the pilot needs to land and refuel multiple times during a race, and the crew needs to be ready with everything they need the moment their basket touches the ground. Honestly, it’s super exciting — anyone could overtake the lead at any time!

Hot Air Balloon Festival

After the Helen to the Atlantic Balloon Race begins, take time to watch the hot air balloons soar into the heavens. Or go ahead and explore downtown Helen; you can often still spot the balloons while out and about. Once evening rolls around, you can head back to the festival grounds for more ballooning fun! Festivities are only held in the mornings and evenings of the event, leaving you midday to check out local attractions, shops, and eateries.

The Hot Air Balloon Festival in Helen invites YOU to participate in ballooning activities. You can help inflate balloons and assist chase crews who follow the colorful hot air balloons to aid with landing. Best of all, you can sail up for a one-of-a-kind ride in a tethered balloon! Views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lake Lanier, rivers, waterfalls, treetops, North Georgia wildlife, and heavenly skies are unbeatable. There are typically around 20 balloons that fly locally throughout the event. Most take off at the festival grounds, but you may spot some taking off at other locations around Helen, GA.

Things to Note

Balloons will only take off during ideal weather conditions. If it’s pouring cats and dogs, or if the wind picks up suddenly, the balloonists will wait to launch. 

Date & Hours

May 30 – June 1, 2024
Mornings & Evenings — 7:00 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.
Note: Festivities are not active at midday.


Wilkin’s Property (across from Cool River Tubing & River Park)
1074 Edelweiss Strasse


Balloon Race Headquarters

Where to Stay

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