North Georgia Wildlife Guide

Bald Eagle | North Georgia

Deer herds wandering through lush valleys, bear cubs frolicking in the forests, majestic birds flying through the skies, adorable turtles diving into lakes, river otters floating without care, wildflowers dotting the landscape, and trees towering towards the heavens doesn’t even begin to cover the immense wildlife in North Georgia. With the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, biodiversity in North Georgia is stunning. There are so many animals and plants worth checking out while hiking, horseback riding, fishing, picnicking, visiting animal sanctuaries, and relaxing at your cabin — on your North Georgia vacation. 

Animals in North Georgia

Calling North Georgia home is a wide variety of wild animal species: American black bears, coyotes, deer, bobcats, beavers, river otters, foxes, turkey, raccoons, opossums, weasels, squirrels, chipmunks, bats, salamanders, snakes, turtles, trout, and fireflies. And that’s just the start of North Georgia wildlife! Whether you’re exploring the national forest, sipping wine on your cabin deck, or birdwatching in town, keep an eye out for these amazing critters in the wild. 

Rare Species

  • Appalachian cottontail 
  • Bald eagle 
  • Bog turtle 
  • Eastern tiger salamander
  • Etowah crayfish
  • Northern amber bumblebee
  • Northern pine snake 
  • Red squirrel 
  • Tricolored bat
  • Water shrew 

Plants in North Georgia

Sky-high trees, shrubbery, vegetation, and blooming plants help make homes for the animal wildlife in North Georgia and really make the mountains and forests pop with color and life. Plants native to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia include pine and hardwood trees, like oaks and hickories.

Rare Species

  • Bleeding heart 
  • Georgia Blue Ridge forested fern
  • Log fern 
  • Marsh bellflower 
  • Mountain maple
  • Purple giant hyssop
  • Silky bindweed
  • Smith’s sunflower
  • Wild sarsaparilla
  • Yellow ladyslipper

Where to Find North Georgia Wildlife

Flora and fauna of North Georgia can be seen as soon as you enter Ellijay, Suches, Blue Ridge, Morganton, Mineral Bluff, Blairsville, Helen, Dahlonega, or Cleveland. Where are the best places to see wildlife in North Georgia? Our top 3 areas will point you in the right direction. From exploring on your own and animal experiences to behind-the-scenes tours and guided tours, these wildlife adventures are sure to be the icing on the cake for your North Georgia vacation!

1. Aska Adventure Area
Nestled near Blue Ridge, the Aska Adventure Area boasts hiking trails through beautiful forests, across creeks, along the Toccoa River, and to mountain views. 

2. Chattahoochee National Forest
At 867,000 acres — with mountains, woodlands, forests, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls — this national forest certainly has the most wildlife to offer. Our favorite wilderness hiking trail to spot wildlife? The Appalachian Trail!

3. North Georgia Wildlife Park
Get up close and personal with North Georgia animals and exotic animal species from around the world at the North Georgia Wildlife Park in Cleveland, GA. This North Georgia zoo is a mix of petting farm/petting zoo, safari park, animal encounters, and special experiences. Here you’ll find alligators, farm animals, kangaroos, sloths, zebras, cougars, lemurs, llamas, ostriches, water buffalo, and more! 

View Wildlife from YOUR Cabin

Lounge on your wraparound deck that boasts views of the North Georgia Mountains, the Toccoa River, or serene trees — at your cabin rental in Blue Ridge or Ellijay. Georgia Cabins for YOU not only gives you beautiful views to enjoy in your PJs but also provides your own space to check out wildlife, be it a passing mama bear, grazing deer, singing birds, rummaging raccoons, or sneaking foxes. 

You can cook out with your gas or charcoal grill, sip moonshine in the rocking chairs, dine outdoors, make s’mores at the firepit or outdoor fireplace, and unwind in the steamy hot tub — all while gazing out at gorgeous views, native plants, and perhaps wild animals. Of course, you can also look out from windows inside, where even more amenities await!

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