Gorgeous Wildflowers in the North Georgia Mountains

Wildflowers - Blue Ridge

Vibrant hues, pleasant scents, and unique structures from stem to petals make Georgia wildflowers a wonder to see in North America. Of all the wildflowers in Georgia, blossoms nestled in the North Georgia Mountains are among some of the most beautiful to behold. Home to the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, North Georgia offers scenic hiking trails winding among forests, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, meadows, and rocky slopes — teeming with wildflowers in spring and summer. While out on a hike or a scenic drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s always a joy to spot wildflowers blossoming across the breathtaking mountain landscape. 

North Georgia Wildflower Guide

Ideal wildflower habitats and pollinators, like bumblebees, help a range of colorful and white flowers to grow in the Southeast. At the foothills of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and the tip of the Piedmont region, North Georgia provides an optimal environment for wildflower seeds to spread, sprout, blossom, and bloom. From foot-tall foam flowers, striking fire pinks, and dangling Virginia bluebells to waves of purple ironweed, hills of Catawba rhododendron, and scattered bell-shaped mountain laurel, you’re sure to spot wildflowers on your Blue Ridge adventures. 

You might even come across rare Georgia aster, beautiful bright purple flowers in danger of extinction across the state due to destruction of habitat. However, the Georgia Native Plant Society aims to rescue plants and relocate them to a safer place to live and grow in the wild, out of the way of developing areas. 

Common Name | Scientific Name

  • Blood Root | Sanguinaria canadensis
  • Black-Eyed Susan | Rudbeckia hirta
  • Blue-Eyed Grass | Sisyrinchium augustifolium
  • Blue Violet | Viola Sororia
  • Catawba Rhododendron | Rhododendron catawbiense
  • Dutchman’s Breeches | Dicentra cucullaria
  • Dwarf Crested Iris | Iris cristata
  • Fire Pink | Silene virginicia
  • Flame Azalea | Rhododendron calendulaceum
  • Foam Flower | Tiarella cordifolia
  • Fringed Polygala | Polygala paucifolia
  • Georgia Aster | Symphotrichum georgianum
  • Ironweed | Veronia gigantea
  • Jack in the Pulpit | Arisaema triphyllum
  • Mountain Laurel | Kalmia latifolia
  • Mouse-Ear Coreopsis | Coreopsis auriculata
  • Pink Lady’s Slipper | Cypripedium acaule
  • Solomon’s Plume | Maianthemum racemosum
  • Trout-Lily | Erythronium americanum
  • Virginia Bluebells | Mertensia virginica
  • White Milkweed | Asclepias variegata
  • White Trillium | Trillium grandiflorum

Wildflower Hiking Trails in North Georgia

A variety of hiking trails are home to enchanting North Georgia wildflowers. Many even lead to cascading waterfalls! On your next trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, consider these top hiking trails on your hunt for wildflowers. If it’s a drizzly spring day or a hot summer afternoon, consider taking a scenic drive to spot wildflowers instead. 

  • Anna Ruby Falls Trail
  • DeSoto FallsTrail  
  • Panther Creek Falls Trail
  • Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail
  • Sosebee Cove
  • Yonah Mountain Trail

Spot Wildflowers from YOUR Georgia Cabin

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Come see blooming Georgia wildflowers on your spring or summer vacation in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains.