Spend a Day Geo-caching in North Georgia

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Solving puzzles, defeating escape games, conquering quests, challenging yourself, and spending time in the great outdoors — sound like YOU? Try North Georgia geocaching! With so many hiking trails in Blue Ridge, Georgia, geocachers come from all over to participate in this adventure game. It’s more about the journey than anything, and it’s affordable fun for couples, friends, or the whole family! Whether you’re looking for a daytrip from Atlanta or planning a getaway in Ellijay, Blue Ridge, or somewhere in the North Georgia mountains, geocaching is never too far away! 

What Is Geocaching?
In a nutshell, geocaching is basically following GPS coordinate clues to find a cache — aka a hidden prize! All you need are coordinates or clues, a smartphone or GPS device to navigate, and an appetite for outdoor adventures. It costs nothing but time and potentially a dollar toy or trinket to trade for your cache prize. So…geocaching is like modern treasure hunting where you value the experience more than the material reward. And it’s open to everyone!

Common Types of Caches

  • Traditional Cache — use direct coordinates to find a container with a prize and logbook
  • Mystery/Puzzle Cache — solve puzzles to find the correct coordinates that lead to a prize
  • Multi-cache — follow clues at each location until you reach your final destination
  • Earth Cache — reach a special geological location that educates about the area
  • Event Cache — join fellow geocachers on a hunt to find the geocaching event location

Where to Begin
North Georgia geocaching currently offers 100s of geocache locations for YOU to find. All you have to do is choose your level to begin. Cache ratings determine the difficulty level as some caches can be harder to reach or find in general. The scale typically ranges from 1-5, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the most difficult. 

Some caches may be found after a short walk from a nearby parking area or at the end of a 1-mile hike. Others can be hidden deep within a recreational area, behind a waterfall, or tucked into a thicket of trees 4 miles into your journey – a true treasure for seasoned hikers. You may even choose a geocache that offers opportunities for biking! When choosing the right cache for you, consider who is going on the adventure as well as all the physical elements and challenges you’ll need to overcome to complete the game. 

Let’s Go North Georgia Geocaching! 

  1. Visit geocaching.com
  2. Sign up for a free account. 
  3. Enter 30513 for Blue Ridge, GA. 
  4. Set your radius. 
  5. Find YOUR cache! 

Best Places to Geocache in North Georgia
All around the Chattahoochee National Forest, you’ll find geocache locations to explore. In fact, Georgia offers 2 GeoTours that encompass many North Georgia state parks and historic sites. The Parks GeoTour features traditional caches with codewords to earn regional geo-coins, and it takes you through some top spots in the parks system! The History Trail GeoTour offers mystery/puzzle caches plus a trackable history geo-coin if you complete the entire tour, a great pick for those wanting to check out state historic sites and learn more about Georgia history. 

Check out some of our favorite geo-hunting spots in North Georgia below!

Parks GeoTour (traditional caches)

  • Amicalola Falls State Park
  • Fort Mountain State Park
  • Smithgall Woods State Park
  • Unicoi State Park
  • Vogel State Park

History Trail GeoTour (mystery/puzzle caches)

  • Chief Vann House
  • Dahlonega Gold Museum
  • Hardman Farm
  • New Echota
  • Traveler’s Rest

Friendly Geocaching Advice
When geocaching in North Georgia (or anywhere for that matter), it’s important to keep in mind a few friendly tips — and the #1 rule. 

  • Remember to take snacks, plenty of water, plus a pen on your outdoor geocaching adventure. 
  • Sign the cache logbook to leave your mark and show you completed the challenge with the pen you brought. 
  • Never take an item from the cache without leaving a prize of equal or greater value for fellow geocachers to find. 

North Georgia Cabin Rentals
Geocaching in North Georgia demands a comfortable and nice place to rest at the end of your adventurous day. At Georgia Cabins for YOU, we offer properties right on the Toccoa River that feature lounge-worthy outdoor spaces, cozy interiors, and fun amenities to keep everyone entertained. 

Find your way back to a relaxing cabin retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains after collecting your prize, signing the logbook, and snapping victory selfies. Toss burgers on the grill, mix drinks at the wet bar, shoot pool for a spell, and play arcade games. Chilly outside? Sip local wine by the fireplace or slip into the steamy hot tub with scenic views. When it’s time to hit the hay, enjoy a hot shower or bath and curl up in your plush king suite. 

Cabin Amenities

  • Mountain/river views
  • Hot tub
  • Fireplaces
  • Firepit 
  • Grill  
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Pool table
  • Arcade games
  • Big screen TVs
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Washer & dryer
  • King & queen beds

Now YOU’re ready to go North Georgia geocaching. Book your stay and let YOUR adventure game begin in Blue Ridge!