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“Congratulations to the Project Chimps team and its partners on this historic achievement for chimpanzees. I am 100% in support, and am so glad this dream is coming true.”

– Dr. Jane Goodall

Fully supported by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and meeting excellent standards by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), Project Chimps aims to provide the best life for former research chimpanzees. This 236-acre property in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Morganton in North Georgia currently houses 82 healthy and well cared for chimpanzees with a goal of reaching 200+ residents from medical research facilities. It’s a heartwarming place to visit on your next trip to North Georgia.

The Project Chimps Sanctuary

Most of these former research chimps — released since the abolishment of unrestricted, invasive experiments on chimpanzees in the United States in 2015 — have only known life in a cage and are experiencing the great outdoors for the very first time at Project Chimps in Blue Ridge. 

Social groups are so important for animal welfare, and Project Chimps understands its necessity for lifelong exemplary care. These beloved chimps are finally getting to socialize and create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with other primates.

Former research chimpanzees experience nature for the first time…grab a tissue.

Large villas with views of nature, a peachtree habitat outside with no caging overhead, a veterinary hospital, a chimp kitchen, a caregiver residence, and storage buildings are just the beginning. Project Chimps has plans of expansion to transform this place into a chimpanzee paradise with even more outdoor habitats and self-sustaining goals. 

Following their strategic plan, Project Chimps saw its first harvest of crops in the farmland section in 2020, producing 700+ pounds of food for the chimps! Now, there are even greenhouses, with additional plans to plant a fruit and nut orchard. Of course, these chimpanzees also receive quality veterinary care and are closely monitored in healthy living conditions. 

With a heart for chimpanzees, Executive Director Ali Crumpacker and fellow board members are determined to see Project Chimps surpass expectations and save more chimpanzee lives in the future.

Project Chimps Events + Trails

While not open for daily tours, Project Chimps features several special events throughout the year, and you can schedule a group tour, field trip, volunteer vacation, or private event. However, the Chimp Trails are open year-round for hiking — you can hear the chimps while you walk and might even spot one with binoculars at the overlook! 

Discovery Days | Families are invited to tour the habitats, see the chimps, and hike trails.

Chimp or Treat | Bring the kids in costume for a Halloween-themed sanctuary tour.

Group Tours | Stroll around the peachtree habitat and spot chimps on a private tour.

Private Events | Host meetings or events at the 19th-century homestead that features a cabin, beautiful fields, and a koi pond.

How YOU Can Help

A non-profit organization, Project Chimp is all about giving these precious animals happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. And YOU can be part of that by sponsoring a chimpanzee, volunteering to care for the chimps and property, and/or making a charitable donation. To note, it currently costs about $22,000 per chimp per year for quality animal care — so every penny really does count! 

You can even send items from their wish list on Amazon that includes enrichment tools, foods, toys, office supplies, and coffee for staff members. Or you can simply shop for merchandise on their online store; all proceeds benefit the chimps! Even spreading the word about Project Chimps and its mission to help former research chimpanzees is super helpful. 

The Details

2031 Lowery Road
Morganton, GA 30560


Plan a Getaway to Blue Ridge

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If you love animals and want to support Project Chimps, consider scheduling a tour and seeing these beautiful chimpanzees — who deserve a voice and a choice — in person.