Your Vacation Property – 7 Ways Georgia CFY Advertises for YOU

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When you own a vacation rental property, you want to be sure you’re making the most of your investment. Your ultimate goal is to keep your property booked, so you need a vacation rental management company that can ensure that happens. The first step in getting bookings is getting your property noticed! After that, you want your property to stand out to potential guests, impress when they arrive, and ultimately increase your revenue. That’s where a standout marketing team comes in. 

At Georgia Cabins for YOU, our in-house, full-time marketing team is focused on showcasing your property in the best -and most accurate – light, getting the maximum exposure for your cabin, and ensuring the custom marketing strategy put in place for your property will bring you the greatest success. When you team up with Georgia Cabins for YOU, you get the best of both worlds: the resources and experience of a big business with the personalized attention and care of a family-owned company. We work to analyze, plan, and execute strategic marketing maneuvers that keep your property at the top – meaning more $$ for YOU. 

How does Georgia Cabins for YOU advertise my property? 

There are many options out there when it comes to property management, but we believe our approach is second to none. Here are 7 ways Georgia Cabins for YOU advertises for YOU to give your property the attention it deserves.

  1. A Dedicated In-House Marketing Team

As a family-owned company, we keep things close-knit. Our team is like family, working together – and with you – with honesty, respect, and a mutual passion for providing the best experience for guests and owners. The Georgia CFY marketing team’s mission is to protect and promote our brand, drive revenue by owning property success, and cultivate new and repeat guests – a daily reminder of which sits prominently on canvas in their department! 

Our team of marketing professionals keeps their fingers on the pulse, staying on top of local trends – or creating new ones – monitoring property performance and adjusting rates year-round, constantly improving site performance, increasing social media presence, facilitating positive reviews, inspiring bookings, and strengthening partnerships with local businesses. 

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | Organic Traffic

More eyes on your property mean greater chances of booking. Our marketing team is skilled in Search Engine Optimization to ensure any content pushed for your vacation rental property is easy to find. If you have a great landing page but no one can find it, there will be no click-through or online reservations. Our marketing team is constantly watching market changes, monitoring appropriate groups, and aligning written content to bring in the most organic traffic. In addition to our in-house marketing team, we work with outside professionals to offer a different perspective and help us climb the SEO ladder for heightened property success. 

  1. Constant UX Research & Website Updates

Our focus is in our name. We are hyper-focused on a great guest experience, and that starts with the first search. We are committed to constant user experience research and regular website updates that improve the online experience for guests while keeping things simple. We strive to make it easy for guests to find – and book – your property. That’s just the beginning of a great getaway…and many more to come. 

Online guests receive questionnaires that provide us with important user feedback and information. We take this feedback to see where we excel and where we can improve – and then we actually do the work. The marketing team also employs a professional web developer who works to ensure our site is performing in top condition consistently, meaning fewer glitches and happier guests. And we don’t forget about desktop and mobile so that guests can enjoy an easy experience no matter what type of technology they rely upon. We keep it simple. The easier it is for guests to research and book online, the more likely they are to stay at your property, recommend your property to other potential guests, and return year after year. 

  1. Targeted Email Campaigns

A key way we reach potential guests is through our targeted email campaigns. We don’t just send out generic mass emails to everyone on our ever-growing email list (100s of 1000s); we hone in on key demographics with relevant information to their requests and vacation habits. After all, no one likes their inbox flooded from one company. Each email we send is carefully crafted, focused on eye-catching design and relevant information about the area and rental properties to bring in the most reservations. 

  1. Vacation Specialists 

When a guest calls to book a vacation or inquire about a property, our vacation specialists are the first friendly voices they hear. But our vacation specialists do much more than just answer phones. They are well trained, know the area, and have specific goals each day. They know the properties (and may have even visited or stayed in yours for a firsthand experience) and understand what amenities to highlight, how to answer (and not answer) guests’ questions, and how to get your property booked! Our vacation specialists handle the details so the guests can stay within their budget and find the perfect property. 

  1. Social Media 

Social media can be tricky on your own. From gaining followers to crafting content, it is a lot of work without help. Are your posts appropriate for the audience? How will you get the most people to see them? Are they leading to bookings? With Georgia Cabins for YOU, you don’t have to think about any of this. We handle it all! 

We carefully plan out each post and ad – including videos, images, and written content – and each piece of content goes through a team of professionals before being posted. Our marketing team regularly meets to discuss social trends, social engagement, and ways we can reproduce wins and improve upon losses. 

  1. Online Advertising 

In today’s market, having one avenue of online advertising just isn’t enough. Along with our Georgia Cabins for YOU site, we showcase your property on Google ads and posts, social media, Spotify, and area-related sites. We also use our large advertising budget to increase eyes on your property with paid advertising and list on channel partners such as VRBO and Airbnb. 

The Takeaway | 7 Reasons Georgia CFY Should Advertise for YOU

  1. An ace in-house marketing team packed with creativity, talent, passion, and skill
  2. Strategically written, SEO-focused content with top keywords 
  3. Constant user experience research to keep Georgia CFY ahead of the curve
  4. Targeted email campaigns focused on increasing bookings
  5. Helpful, caring, and knowledgeable vacation specialists who help guests book YOUR property
  6. Robust social media presence with high engagement 
  7. Multi-site online advertising for maximum exposure 

Are YOU ready to advertise your vacation rental property with Georgia Cabins for YOU? Give us a call at 1.800.580.5524 to speak with one of our owner representatives and get all your questions answered!