This place is everything the pictures show

This place is everything the pictures show — peaceful, totally quiet, great sunrise view. It’s located right in Big Canoe, so it has tons of amenities IF you want to leave once you get there. If you have been to Big Canoe you know the roads are mountain roads: tons of curves, steep inclines. It’s very well maintained and WORTH IT. Helpful info: As the hosts suggest: get what you need before going in. It’s 20 minutes of curves and slope back out to the main roads. We also found that only the main gate worked for us, so keep that address in your phone. One of us kept the house address at the ready, and the other kept the gate address. FOODIES: We always bring at least one stainless steel pan with a lid, a stainless spatula, and a good paring and chef’s knife. There ARE good enough knives here, so you can skip that part of the packing. You might need a deep pot for pasta (we didn’t see one). Overall…. BOOK THIS. It was lovely.